Devil's Playground - Danny Dyer & Craig Fairbrass. On Blu-ray & DVD Now

Since the world succumbs into a zombie apocalypse,'' Cole, a hardened man, is pursuing the 1 individual who will offer a remedy. In his way are not merely the flesh-eating cannibals as the greatest threat of humanity, but individuals!

Newgen Industries is hoping to placate a press uproar. Its brand new"legal performance formula", RAK-295, has fulfilled spectacular failure throughout testing, resulting in acute allergic and physical reactions in most 30,000 of its test subjects.... Allergies in all but a single consumer... Angela Mills. Angela is now currently making arrangements for leave of absence and is blessed. However, a, Cole, has handed to Peter White, the company's CEO. Why? He desires - that the violent and murderous task of solving issues'off the record' has begun to weigh heavy. The outbreak maintains Peter White and Brooke and throughout the battle Cole is chased - . Or can it be?

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